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Head Students

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Olufemi Ade-Ayibiowu

Head Girl

I study Media, English Literature, and Sociology at the Academy. I am a semi-pro athlete in track and field aspiring to use my athletic skills to gain a scholarship to a prestigious university in the States such as Stanford or NYU. 


I have been called over-ambitious on many occasions, but I believe my ambition is what strengthens and channels my character for greatness; my hard work never stops and neither should my dreams.


As Head Girl, my aim is to be a voice of solitude and a spark of positive energy all students at Harris Academy Chobham. The sky is my limit!


Haroon Shaikh

Head Boy

I study A levels in economics, sociology, history and English literature. My aspiration for the future is to study law at the University of Cambridge and to become an environmental lawyer.

I've been a student at Harris Academy Chobham since Year 4 so as Head Boy I am well placed to represent students from all year groups and not just from Sixth Form. 

As Head Boy I'm collaborating with other schools in Newham to raise awareness amongst students about global issues.

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Margot Farnes

Deputy Head Girl

Hi, I am Margot and am the Deputy Head Girl at Harris Academy Chobham. I am also a member if the West Ham Football academy.


I see my role as a member of the Youth Leadership Team to be one that provides students with a comfortable and safe working environment, where each individual can strive to be their best.


I also apply this ethos to myself and my studies of A levels English literature, psychology, and physical education. My aspiration is to become a professional footballer and hopefully having the opportunity to play at the highest possible level!


Aaron Hinton

Deputy Head Boy

Hello, I am A.J. I study English Literature, History, Media Studies and the Extended Project Qualification.


I applied for the role of Head Student as I wanted to voice the general views on mental health and students' struggles with stress and anxiety within school. We have made improvements through the states of mind project which is still going on and the creation of the mindful room.


I’ve been at Harris Academy Chobham since Year 6 and have watched the school grow and change; I wanted to be part of that change as I have always wanted to make an impact! 

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