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Why I came back to Chobham.

I first started at Chobham Academy in year 4. Before I knew it I was in year 11 and having to make big decisions on what to do next and where to go.

Throughout year 11, I was set on leaving Chobham. My main reason for this was that I wanted to experience something else. I really liked the teachers, my friends, my subjects and everything that Chobham had given me, however I wanted to go out and explore different options. I weirdly wanted to also have the experience of travelling to school as I felt like that would get me into a better routine and structure, rather than the four minute walk I was used to! However after a few weeks of going to a Sixth Form College in Walthamstow, I realised that I missed Chobham Academy a lot and most importantly, the teachers and the culture. The values Chobham instils in it's students is something you know they all believe in. I think the turning point for me coming back to Chobham was when I came back to collect my Jack Petchy Award. It brought back so many fond memories and I started to realise that Chobham was where I wanted to be in order for me to excel and develop the most.

Now being a student at the Sixth Form, I have already had so many opportunities presented to me, such as lectures, theatre trips, educational visits for my subjects and opportunities to speak about my career paths with industry professionals. It's not until you go to another school to study you then realise how much support Chobham offers to students. One opportunity I am really glad I was able to take part in was applying for Head Girl. At first I was a little hesitant. Even though I had spent more than five years at Chobham, as I came into Sixth Form late I felt somewhat 'new' and I didn't think I was confident enough to go up and speak in front of so many unknown faces. Despite this, the encouragement of my friends and all of the confidence I had built in my drama lessons, I told myself that I wouldn't know until I tried. I worked really hard on my speech, the delivery and presentation of it and afterwards I knew I had given it my best shot. The votes were counted and genuinely didn't expect it, but I was voted in as Head Girl! If it wasn't for the amazing people I had around me I wouldn't have even tried.

So even if you don't feel like you can't get somewhere or make a decision, just go with it and try your hardest. The people around you can be there to support and guide you, but sometimes you have to take a leap. These skills have all been embedded within me throughout my Chobham experience. I'm so happy that I came back and I can't wait for the future. Remember, the 'grass isn't always greener'. Chobham is the right place for me :-)

By Mariam

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