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What does my hijab mean to me?

Some of our female Muslim sixth formers reflect on what it means to wear the hijab.

"What does my hijab mean to me? You see it is more than just a piece of material used to cover my hair. My hijab helps me set my boundaries. My hijab puts me in control of MY image. It also contributes to how I want to be seen by others. In a world where the majority of our decisions are made for us by our circumstances, having a say over an article of clothing as significant as my hijab assists me in standing my ground with decisions made by me in reclaiming authority over my body.

But I must confess I have not always been confident in my hijab. It was once a sea of fabric I used to hide behind. Back when I was naive enough to care about “what would others think” but once I realised no one else's opinion mattered if I was sure in myself and my choice of wearing my hijab, it became my shining armour marking my presence loud and proud!"

~Aisha Yaree

"It has made me and so many other young girls feel empowered, not only is it a symbol of my modesty, but also a symbol of my faith that constantly grows"

~ Mariam Khalil

"My hijab reminds me of my identity as a Muslim, therefore I should be a good role model in line with the teachings of Islam"

~ Nada Singab

"To me my hijab is empowering like I have control and don't feel the need to impress those around me while at the same time expressing my religion. I am proud of who I am and would not want to hide it"

~Anonymous (year 10)

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