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Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy? Will you take the Red pill or Blue pill? Could we travel Back to the Future? Or are we living in a simulation? Let’s unravel this Mystery to try to unleash the secrets of the multiverse we have before us 

THE IDEAString theory, the most well-known possibility for what Theoretical physicists refer to as a “Theory of Everything”- a single mathematical framework capable of representing the known Cosmos in its totality. It proposes that the fundamental constituents of the universe are one-dimensional “strings” rather than point-like particles. This demonstrates that the strings vibrate at different frequencies to form Quarks (Up, Down and Strange) which then bind together creating quark structures such as Subatomic particles (e.g., Protons and Neutrons). Soon after this they are put together with more Subatomic Particles to produce Atoms therefore are grouped together to construct one of the three states Solids, Liquids and Gases. Michio Kaku stated “String theory is based on the simple idea that all the four forces of the universe: gravity, the electromagnetic force and the two nuclear forces, can be viewed as music.” 


In a nutshell, String theory seeks to resolve a mathematical disagreement between two well-established physics concepts;

Quantum Mechanics and Theory of Relativity. 

The mathematical discrepancies that currently exist between quantum physics and the theory of relativity, developed by the great Albert Einstein, are smoothed out by String theory. It proposes that the entire universe may be explained in terms of incredibly microscopic strings vibrating in ten or eleven dimensions – meaning dimensions we can’t see. It could explain everything in the cosmos, from subatomic particles to the laws of speed and gravity, if it exists. 


The ideologies of a physical multiverse came later to physics than it did to religion. The in-depth roots of the Hindu religion have ancient con

cepts that are strangely rather similar.  

The cyclical endless realms of ancient Hindu cosmology contain hints of multiverse-like concepts. Our planet, according to this viewpoint, is one of an unlimited number of separate universes, each governed by its own gods, morals and subject to its own creation and destruction cycles. 


In String theory, the multiverse is a theory in which our universe is not the only one; many universes exist in parallel to each other. These distinct unive

rses within the multiverse theory are called parallel universes. 

String theory may feasibly predict a multiverse filled by 10^500 separate worlds since compactification yields a different spacetime. 

We also believe if string theory exists, there is a multiverse. This infers that the Big Bang was a fission of universes and Archimedes found that when you pluck a string it makes a noise therefore if 2 strings were smashed together, there must be a noise. Due to this, everything could be made of tiny little strings. These strings vibrate at different frequencies to create certain quark structures to create atoms. 

Recently scientists have been experimenting in CERN Geneva to find the true wonders of particle physics using the Particle Accelerator where they discover when smashing the particles in a vacuum (Where no sound travels) Sound occurred… Could this

be an insight into our discovery of string theories Proof? 

The strings are in two different ways just as many things in life (Up and Down, yes or no, binary code of 1s and 0s etc) a line and a circle. This opens the floor to science fiction and theories that go forever! What do you think? 

If there are two things, which makes this world (lines and circles), this could link to binary code of 1s & 0s. This leads to the d

irect link between the world and matrix. So, if the world is made of two parts, universes must be made through two parts. Since good or bad exist, why can't matter and antimatter have its existence? This means if there are particles there must be antiparticles so ANTI YOUS must exist too… where are they? Recently new Physics breakthroughs have stated that the Anti-verse could be true where time runs backwards alongside our world. It sounds like something out of a Christopher Nolan/Marvel film, but this could possibly be the reality these films want to portray and show us. The Anti-verse could provide a deeper understanding of dark matter which is the invisible particles which only interact via gravity. Of course, we could never feel time running

backwards but it's a cool theory none-the-less which leads to the question, Are we the Anti-verse? 


One of the difficulties with string theory is that it does not have an acceptable definition in all cases. Moreover, another issue is that String theory is considered to depict a vast landscape of possible universes, complicating efforts to construct particl

e physics theories based on it. 

String theory is still not able to integrate and resolve this quantum nature. Dark energy and dark matter have eluded string theory. They make up over 95% of the known universe. In quantum physics, String theory cannot say if the forces and particle forces can be unified. 


Did you know that with the intake of food and air, you often get the radioactive potassium-40 isotope in your body, interacting with your molecules. As a result of this, it begins to decay and emit positrons, antielectrons. Moreover, you emit 180 antiparticles per hour, which is about 4000 antiparticles per day emitted by your body. However, they are instantly destroyed by ordi

nary matter and turned into gamma radiation(annihilation). So, if antiparticles exist in our world, could this be a breakthrough to the existence of string theory? 


In our opinion, there is a high possibility that String theory could exist as it presents a possible unification of gravity and particle physics. It’s a highly classed contender for a theory of everything, a self-contained mathematical model that explains all fundamental forces and forms of matter. 

So, does String Theory prove that there is a multiverse?  

More importantly Is there human life outside our world? 

From the Wise words of Theoretical Physicist  

W. Heisenberg,

“Not only is the Universe stranger than we think, It is stranger than we can think” 

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