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The Debate Between the Importance of Grades vs Personal Development.

Did you know school began over 1,500 years ago during the Anglo- Saxon period? But how has school changed over the years? 200 years ago, when school was not as developed as it is today, education only focused on core subjects. But fortunately, in modern society, we go to school from the age of 3 - 18. Moreover, schools now have an expanded variety of subjects and the necessary resources to help students achieve success, build character and develop intellectually.

For many of us, our parents' expectations and pressure means that we spend all these years at school trying to achieve high grades. But, is that all we need to be successful in the future? Grades are important as they represent a measure of academic performance and achievement, which is often used to assess a student‘s ability and potential for future success. Good grades can open doors to better opportunities and higher education. But, personal development is equally important, as it shapes an individual’s character, values and skills which are all essential for success in both personal and professional life. Personal development can lead to better interpersonal skills, communication skills, self awareness and self esteem. These are crucial for building relationships, managing stress (which is really important) and achieving goals.

Harris Academy Chobham provides everything that a child could need from ages 3 to 18 years old. Unlike some schools, Chobham provides the best experience with lessons like PSHE. Our values of ICHEER (which stands for; inclusive, curiosity, honestly, empathy, excellence and resilience) enables Chobham to strive to help their students to embody each value as it can help them for the rest of their life. Chobham truly builds students with intelligence and good character and also helps students achieve what they desire with lessons like music, art, and drama. Chobham works hard to make their school diverse. But why might this be important?

At the end of school, when a students finishes Y11 or Y13, Chobham expects students to have developed their character, intelligence, and self-esteem so that they are ready for the next step in life.

In conclusion; yes grades are important, but when students finish school, both good characteristics and good grades should be unified with neither neglected at the expense of the other. These will help get you suitable places and high paid jobs. Schools like Chobham Academy, which focus on developing both academic and personal skills, provide an excellent foundation for students to achieve their potential and lead fulfilling lives.

Written by Talha - Y7

Edited by Laaibah - Y12

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