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The Broadening Perspective of Young, Inspiring Chobham Students

Recently, Chobham students have worked on expanding their perspectives and knowledge beyond the school curriculum, and what better way to do so than reading? Books have proved to be an amazing resource that help with cognitive thinking, language & emotional development, as well as academic performance. Frida, in Year 8 is the epitome of a bright secondary student who enjoys reading as a an extracurricular activity. Below are summaries of some of the books she enjoys.

The first book that Frida read is ‘Enola Holmes and The Case of the Missing Marquess’ by Nancy Springer.

Frida also wrote a short summary of events within the book :

On the day of her fourteenth birthday, Enola Holmes is abandoned by her mother and ends up in the care of her famous detective brother Sherlock, and her well-mannered nobleman brother Mycroft. At the start of Sherlock’s investigation to find their missing mother, Mycroft makes the life changing decision to send Enola away to boarding school. Enola is utterly opposed to this decision and so filling her bustle with books of ciphers and floriography, a penknife and on the determination to find their mother herself, she slips away on her bicycle…

The second book that Frida enjoyed is called ‘Dreaming By Starlight’ by Siobhan Curham.

A new generation of the Moonlight Dreamers are born as Jazz, Hope, Allegra and Portia. With advice from Jazz’s older cousin, Amber, who started it all, the four girls meet and become an unusual group of friends.

When Jazz moves from Australia to England because of her Dad’s work, she yearns to go back home, to her friends and to the sea. Amber helps her to realise that she must set out her own path, find friendship in this new place, and in turn, belonging.

Written by : Frida (8R6)

Edited by : Sana (12A1)

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