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Short Story - Regret

It all started off on a glorious Monday morning. The birds were singing and the trees were

swaying. Tarique King-Wilson woke up to a slow tapping sound which slowly got faster

and faster. 'PERFECT!' exclaimed Tarique "an absolutely great way to start the

week - rain!". Obviously he was being sarcastic because I don't know who in their right

mind would think having to wake up to dewy matter. He got in the shower, brushed his teeth, got dressed and began scrolling on TikTok, laughing at every other video. "TARIQUE KING-WILSON!" screamed Mercedes, Tarique's mum. 'IF I COME DOWN THESE STAIRS AND

YOU'RE NOT GONE FOR SCHOOL YOUR GONNA SEE!' He was bored of his mum's

empty threats. 'Did you do your homew....' the door slammed shut before she

could finish her question and he threw his bag over his shoulder and went on his way to

school, muttering under his breath, "I HATE YOU!"

By the time he was half way there, he was completely drenched in rain. Now if you

haven't realized already Tarique isn't the most organised, or even the best-behaved in his class. Over stimulating drill music played so loud in his ears his ossicles

could break as he trekked up the hill to his school. The beat made him so oblivious to

the outside world, the sound of roadworks, pedestrians shouting at their bus slowly

departing from them, and cars that were definitely breaking the speed limit whizzed past. Talking about cars I should probably warn you about what's about to happen next. You see how he is currently unaware of his surroundings? He took about five steps into the road, SCREECH,SKRRRR...BANG and just like that, Tarique's life was taken.

Why on earth would he cross the road incognisant to the outdoor world? Poor Ms. King.

Although Tarique was very mischievous boy, he was also a religious boy so it might not be

a shock to you that I am going to say his spirit hovered above his body. 'What just

happened?' said Tarique in a shaky voice. The sound of whaling ambulance sirens

flooded his mind "Why am I on the floor covered in blood but not on the floor covered in

blood?" 'WHAT THE HELL!?' yelled his mum as she pulled her car. Tears streamed down her face as she ran up to the scene where multiple men and women tried to stop her from approaching. Like superwoman she barges past dozens of people and runs at full speed towards his unconscious body, shaking it uncontrollably. "TARIQUE KING-WILSON" she shouted but not in the same frustrated tone she did earlier. Now she was scared andworried she about to lose her only son.

'MUM I'M RIGHT HERE!' yelled Tarique's spirit, now desperately crying and unable to stop the tears from running down his face. In the distance, almost like music coming from another room, he heard a voice repeating over, and over 'I hate you.' As it became louder, he realised that it was his own voice. The last thing he said to his mum was 'I hate you.'

He frantically tried to tell his mum that he loved her, but she couldn't hear him. All he could hear was his mum telling him that she loved him whilst she held his lifeless body.

The moral of the story? Never leave home with bad energy or after an argument. Always let your loved ones know you love them. In a flash, your whole world can be turned upside down.

Written by : Coreen (Y7)

Edited by : Tasnima 12H4

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