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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the first edition of our new Chobham magazine. We hope that the magazine will become a regular publication celebrating our school and the views, interests and talents of our students and staff. The Chobham community is richly diverse with a wide range of social and cultural backgrounds and perspectives represented. We hope the magazine reflects this in the breadth of its subject matter and commentary. Put simply, we want the magazine to entertain you, educate you and make you think. We hope it achieves these aims.

This edition of the magazine is devoted to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Last summer, when BLM was very prominent in the media and in our minds, we began to debate at school how best we could support the movement, change our own behaviours and alter our outlooks. As you might imagine, this discussion is a big one and is ongoing. However, we are determined that we should not lose the passion and energy that people felt in the summer and that we should keep talking and working to bring about change in our school and in our wider community. This edition of the magainze incorporates some of this thinking, commenting on a range of issues which impact upon BLM and giving the opinions of our contributors.

One of the great things about having a wholly online magazine is that we can edit the content as we go. Please do check in again to see how this edition is adapted in response to new ideas and contributions from readers. This should add an exciting dimension to the magazine's content over time.

We hope that you enjoy the magazine. Please let us have your feedback. The will be more editions to follow devoted to different themes.

With best wishes.

Michael Whitworth


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