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Never Give Up - A Short Story

There once was a young girl called Isabella. From a young age, she had aspired to be a professional footballer. Watching the England Women's team win the Euro 2022 trophy, added to her drive and determination. She used to try and pursue her passion in school, however, claims such as 'football is not a sport for girls' or 'girls can’t play football' from the boys constantly put her down. However, this did not stop Isabella from playing football. While Isabella was playing , the boys continued to pester her and made stereotypical comments, telling her to go play with dolls instead, 'like the other girls' but she refused to listen. She wanted to prove the boys wrong so she trained harder than ever before.

One lunch time she asked to play with the boys at lunch and she scored 6 goals, one after the other, which left the boys shocked and in awe. Later that day she showed her skills to the teacher who helped sign her up to a football club outside of school. Due to her continued excellence in football, she was also put in the school's football team and was also made the Captain!

Soon after, she participated in competitions against other schools where she was spotted by a scout. They discussed with Isabella about coming in for a trial an whilst she was there, she overheard the manager say 'I've never seen someone with so much potential. She's a little fighter!'

Isabella was offered her first professional contract at the age of 16. When she turned 18 she was called up to the England Women's national team.

Moral of the story : Never give up!

Written by : Tavon (Y7)

Edited by : Tasnima (Y12)

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