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MASHA AMINI: A Death That Started a Protest and a Movement

Mourning for Masha Amini, the young woman whose death sparked a protest movement in Iran. Masha was stopped by the 'Morality Police' for apparently wearing the hijab “incorrectly” which is a violation of the mandatory hijab law.

Iranian authorities claimed that Ms Amini died of a heart attack. However, it was reported in the worlds media that she was beaten by police and died as a result of her injuries. Her parents have cited that she had any health problems and said that she had bruises on her body that were not there before the arrest.

After this incident, there were country wide protests, calling for justice for Amini. World leaders have condemned the Iranian governments actions since news of Amini’s death and protest spread across Iran. Protests have also expanded abroad and people outside of the country have taken up circulating Iranian accounts and footage of what’s going on to raise awareness. Despite the attention, Iranian authorities have not backed down on suppressing and arresting protestors. The reported government's response to these protests has often been violent, with security forces using tear gas, beatings, and even live ammunition against peaceful protestors.

Her death has galvanised women's rights activists, who are calling for an end to violence against peaceful protestors. Women in Iran have been removing their hijab and cutting their hair as a form of protest against the country's strict dress codes for women. The hijab is a traditional headscarf that is mandatory for women in Iran, and cutting one's hair is seen as a challenge to traditional gender norms. For many women, removing their hijab and cutting their hair is a way of expressing their dissent against the strict religious and cultural codes that govern women's bodies and appearance in Iran.

These acts of protest are also seen as a way of reclaiming control over their own bodies and pushing back against the strict social norms that limit women's freedom. The protests have been met with strong action from the government, with many women being arrested and sentenced to prison for violating the country's dress codes. Despite the risks involved, women continue to protest and challenge the oppressive cultural norms that govern their lives.

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