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Do you need a book recommendation?

Below are some book recommendations made my Adhrit, who is an avid reader and would like share his opinion on the books he has read.

Book #1: The True Story of The Great Escape By Jonathan F.Vance My review - 9/10

This book is a real life story which happened in Stalag Luft III Narrated beautifully by Jonathan Vance. This book is also based on the Hollywood film, The Great Escape. 76 allied airmen made it from the camp and 23 were captured. The other Fifty were executed by the Gestapo , the German secret police. Only 3 lucky men made it outside Nazi Germany. This book shows the bravery shown by the men at Stalag Luft III and celebrates it. From their backgrounds, the first days in the camp, the travelling on the train and the hunt for these men by the Gestapo.

3 things I liked about this book 1. Non-Fiction

2. Beautifully Narrated 3. How the backgrounds were given Book #2: A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking My review- 10/10

This book is great for people who want to understand science in a few days. From The Universe to Time travelling, this book is perfect for anyone studying science. The way that Professor Hawking presents it , in its clear language is amazing. He focused on it so everyone can read his book and Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity impacts on it a lot. Here Hawking focuses on the Big Bang to black holes and everything that is used to answer one of the biggest question on Earth : “What is TIME?” 3 Things i liked about this book : 1. How it was narrated in a clear language

2. The science about time

3. The explanations given

Book #3: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child : The Play Script My review - 8/10

The exclusive play-script for the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is simply in one world : Fantastic! I have been in love with this book for months and have been obsessed with it. This is the eighth book of the Harry Potter series. Albus Potter, Harry’s son, is going to Hogwarts. Albus’ mood is very much changed when he is sorted into Slytherin and gets bullied for it. He is sad, heartbroken as he cannot keep his head high and be proud of his family. But after an argument things start to change.

3 Things I liked about this book : 1. How Albus resists bullying

2. The plot twist ( which i am not going to spoil) 3. A very very powerful story for any child

Book #4: The Waffen-SS: The Third Reich’s most Infamous Military organisation My review- 6/10 Often called a criminal organisation , the Waffen-SS was one of the biggest fears in Nazi Germany. The horrors that they unleashed was unbelievable. They were committed to Hitler and Nazisim. They were also Hitler’s protection squad. Their leader, Heinreich Himmler, was the main head of the Holocaust. The Waffen-SS did some of the most horrific atrocities in the Second World War and, you can say, the 20th century. 3 Things I liked about this book : 1. The History 2. The way they were committed to Hitler

3. Operation Barbossa

I hope you have enjoyed reading this books review, and expect that you will also take an interest into these books and enjoy them as much as I did.

Written by : Adhrit

Edited by : Sana Qureshi

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