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Celebrating World Book Day at Chobham

How was WBD celebrated in Chobham?

At Harris Academy Chobham, World Book Day was celebrated beautifully. As per tradition, Chobham had a plethora of characters on display. It was enjoyable to witness a community come together to showcase their love of books, along with the teachers. As expected, the English department did not disappoint with their costumes, collectively representing the them of Greek mythology accurately. The Performing Arts Department went all out as usual, theming their costumes on Alice in Wonderland. Overall, it was a really magical experience with more staff and students dressing up than ever.

What is World Book Day (WBD)?

World Book Day is an annual event celebrated globally to promote reading, publishing, and copyright. In the UK, World Book Day is primarily celebrated to encourage children to read and develop a love for books. The main aim is to promote reading and access to books, especially for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Schools and nurseries across the country participate in the event, by organising various activities, including book fairs, book quizzes, and author visits.

Another highlight of World Book Day in the UK is the "£1 book token" initiative. Children receive a voucher worth £1 that they can redeem against the purchase of a book or receive a free book from a selection of specially published World Book Day titles. These books are specifically written and published for the occasion and include works from renowned authors like J.K. Rowling, Roald Dahl, and Michael Morpurgo.

In addition to schools and nurseries, bookstores and libraries also participate in World Book Day by organising events such as storytelling sessions, author readings, and book signings. The day is also celebrated on social media platforms, where people share their favourite books, authors, and reading experiences using hashtags like #WorldBookDay and #ShareAStory.

Overall, World Book Day is a significant event in the UK, promoting literacy and a love of reading among children and adults alike.

Why is WBD important?

World Book Day is important for several reasons. Firstly, it promotes literacy and reading habits, which are essential for personal development, education, and success in life. Reading is not only a means of gaining knowledge and expanding one's vocabulary, but it also helps develop empathy, imagination, and critical thinking skills. Studies have shown that children who read for pleasure are more likely to perform better academically, have higher self-esteem, and better mental health.

Secondly, World Book Day aims to improve access to books, particularly for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The £1 book token scheme and other initiatives provide children with the opportunity to own and read books they might not otherwise have access to. In this way, World Book Day helps to bridge the gap in educational opportunities and promotes social inclusion.

Thirdly, World Book Day celebrates the joy of reading and encourages people to discover new authors, genres, and stories. It brings people together, creates a sense of community, and fosters a love of literature that can last a lifetime.

Finally, World Book Day recognises the importance of the publishing industry and authors in shaping our culture and society. It encourages people to support the book industry and acknowledge the contribution of writers to the world of literature.

In summary, World Book Day is important because it promotes literacy, improves access to books, celebrates the joy of reading, and recognises the contribution of authors to our culture and society.

Written and Edited By : Sana (12A1)

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