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Black Lives Matter

As an Academy we do not align ourselves with any political party or political movement. We do not tolerate racism or marginalisation of our communities. We endorse the view expressed by the Harris Federation that supporting young black people to achieve the best possible exam grades is a key way of improving their life chances.

The foundations of our Academy are our Chobham values; Empathy, Curiosity, Excellence, Repsect, Inclusion, Honesty. We will continue to use these values to endeavour to make our Academy inclusive and one that strives to ensure equity and equality of opportunities, regardless of race, skin colour or gender.

We have and will continue to create resources that enable a greater and deeper understanding to the issues. We will further adapt the curriculum to better reflect the breadth of black and other minority ethnic cultures represented at the Academy and by so doing improve the knowledge and awareness of all members of our community. We believe it is important that all students and staff better understand:

  • The history and achievements of the communities which make up Chobham Academy

  • The part played by black and other minority ethnic communities in the development of the modern world

  • Key reasons why modern Britain and the wider world are organised as they are today

  • The ways in which young people may make their voices heard to bring about change in peaceful and legitimate ways within our democracy

  • The ways in which young people may play a more active and constructive role in their local communities

  • The skills and attitudes young people need to be successful in the twenty first century world

  • How young people can demonstrate their skills and interests in ways which make them the best candidates for university places and jobs

In combination, we believe that pursuing these objectives will develop the confidence and self-esteem of all students, create space for young black students to express their creativity, share in their imaginations and enable them to be happier and proud of their place in society.

Emma Robinson

Vice Principal

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