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A Tribute: By Mr Whitworth

To celebrate the success of Chobham as a whole, we must look back at the excellent leadership from our former Principal, Mr Whitworth. The role of the principal is important in cultivating the image and foundation of the school, something that Mr Whitworth had demonstrated perfectly for the last 6 years. However, he continues to imagine a foreseeable future for Chobham, and articulates his wishes for this academy below :

“At the end of almost six years at Chobham, I thought it might be interesting to reflect on some of the exciting changes the next six years could hold for the school and to mention a few things I would like to see happening in the next stage of Chobham’s journey.

One of the big things which will continue to develop rapidly is technology and in particular the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Many students will have already used AI, probably through Chat GPT, to help with their homework. At present, schools are behind their students and the technology. This will have to change. If things go well, expect to see changes in the way teachers work. More time in lessons spent discussing, analysing and checking understanding. Essays will have to be done in class. Remember that the way we take exams is not changing any time soon so writing, remembering and working out questions will remain vital skills.

Chobham is also well placed within London. The area around the school will continue to develop. More people will live here, there will be more businesses (many in the technology and leisure sectors) and their will be more organisations working in the performing and visual arts. This is very exciting, a great opportunity for young people in the area and the school needs to take advantage. I hope to see Chobham building strong relationships with new companies setting up around us and finding opportunities for students to work with these organisations. These opportunities might also be reflected in our curriculum with more specialism in technology, engineering and the arts through lessons and enrichment.

This next one is more of a hope from me than a prediction. Our sixth form students have achieved great success in moving on to university courses after school has ended. Most Chobham Year 13 students go on to take a degree. This is great news, improving the chances of our students to learn at a higher level and move on into the best careers. However, there is still one more change I would like to see. Look at the university destinations boards in the school atrium. See how many of our students go to London universities. Now, there are some great universities in London! However, part of the higher education experience is to go to new places and encounter new experiences. I would love to see more Chobham students going off to universities throughout the UK and maybe even abroad!

Finally, what skills should our students be developing in the years to come? In an era of increasing technology, we need to emphasise the areas which are, hopefully, particularly specific to humans. These include the ability to analyse and make considered judgements, the ability to construct arguments and speak in a passionate yet considered way and the ability to think and act creatively. I hope to see Chobham cultivating these skills in all of its students.

I wish all of the school’s students, staff and parents every success in the future. “

It is clear that Mr Whitworth has high hopes for our future as an academy, and the least we can do to honour his leadership is work towards some of these aims and continue to progress. It is obvious that the Chobham community comes together and unites on the firm belief that Mr Whitworth has done the most for this academy, and we appreciate all the effort he has put in to help us thrive.

Written by ; Mr Whitworth & Sana Qureshi

Edited by ; Sana Qureshi

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