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I am worried about having my rights taken away,

Those thoughts, they always come to stay.

My mind is full and misunderstood,

If only they'd let me have my say.

The words that stabbed rights through me,

I wish that they'd believe me.

It wasn't me who did the graffiti,

I wasn't me who was disrespectful,

It wasn't me who had the privileges,

It wasn't me who was safe in every country,

It wasn't me that was treated like royalty.

It was me when I tried to achieve equality.

Alessia Luca, Year 7

BLM Poetry


Diane Abbott in Parliament

Ade Adepitan on the basketball court

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock searching through space

Professor Hakim Adi creating museums

Sir David Adjaye building towards the sky

Professor Dame Elizabeth Anionwu caring for others

Dame Floelle Benjamin supporting research


Sir Lenny Henry making us laugh

Ellissa-Louise Pyall-Che Niba, Year 7



I was born different

Born to embrace pain and gain pain

No more "no pain no gain"

Fee-dom not freedom

So I need to pay to be heard

I was born different

Born black

Not born to lack

Born into humanity

Not born to please society

I was born different

But I'm judged for my appearance

And sentenced to the row of death

In the depth of my thoughts

Choke me in the throat

And I'm going to say it loud

Being black is being proud

I was born different

My culture and tradition respects every life

Your life matters

My life matters

Black Lives Matter

Abigail Frempong, Year 7


I am beautiful,

I am smart,

I am kind,

I am wonderful,


No matter the way I look, dress or feel,

No matter the book, car or meal,


You will never shut me down;

You will never push me to the ground.


Because I am Black,

And I am proud of being Black.

Phoebe Edwards-Green, Year 7

Protest March Signs


How does one express the effects of 400 years of oppression?

After 300 years of enslavement?

How does one truly show the daily instances of racism that

culminate in self-doubt, self-hatred?

How do you expect us to protest peacefully when your war

against us has been anything but?
What do you expect from people that have been nothing but

belittled, hunted and hurt?

Your privilege blinds you, if you think a peaceful protest will

achieve anything.

We refuse to be silenced,

we refuse to be spoken over,

we refuse to march peacefully while you justify why

killing our brothers and sisters is okay,

why they deserved it.

You quote MLK as though you have any clue what he preached.

Try quoting Malcolm X to us,

try quoting Huey P. Newton,

try quoting Bobby Seale, Elbert Howard.

You spend your time speaking over black voices instead of

helping to amplify us. You choose your privilege over our

freedom. You choose to continue this cycle of systemic

racism and oppression. You choose white supremacy.

If I'm going to die behind the colour of my skin then I'll die

loud and I'll die fighting.
Forget your peace.



Excuse me Mr. Policeman, Sir,

I wanted to ask why you see us all with targets

on our backs, Sir.

I don't mean to offend you, Sir,

because we both know the slightest hint of disrespect from me

would result in my blood spilling, Sir.

Or maybe I would be suffocated instead, Sir,

or mysteriously die in my jail cell, Sir,

or perhaps you would gun down my son, Sir,

or perhaps you would arrest me, Sir,

for resisting arrest, Sir,

without my knowing what the original arrest was..., Sir.

Why have we been dehumanised so much, Sir?

Why do you look at me and see my black skin as a deadly weapon, Sir?

Why do you gaze at a 12-year-old boy and shoot him within 3 seconds of

locking eyes on him, Sir?

Yet you can sympathise with the white supremacists,

with the alt right mass murderers,

with the angry white protesters,

with just about anyone that's on the lighter side of life.

Isn't it interesting?


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