Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the first edition of our new Chobham magazine. We hope that the magazine will become a regular publication celebrating our school and the views, interests and talents of our students and staff...

About Us

Here at Chobham Academy we strive for a welcoming and positive atmosphere so that everyone can express themselves and explore their passions and interests.

In the Black Lives Matter issue of our magazine, we want to allow students, staff, parents and carers to explore issues that matter to them, to celebrate the achievements and culture of our Black students and staff, and to amplify the voices of members of our community who may otherwise be marginalised or misrepresented.

The Youth Leadership Team

Meet The Youth Leadership Team


Haydar-Marie Obioma

Deputy Head Girl

My name is Haydar-Marie and I am the Deputy Head girl for Year 12. Currently, I am studying English lit, economics and sociology. One of the things that I want to achieve as part of the Youth Leadership Team is to embrace culture and identity, which I think is an important aspect of the society we live in today.


Aisha Yaree

Head Girl

Hi, I'm Aisha and I have the honour of being one of the Head Girls at Chobham Academy. For A-levels I am  taking English literature, history and Mandarin. As Head Girl my aim is to voice student opinion through the help of the Youth Leadership team to create a more enjoyable academic experience for all.


Alexandra Ocansey

Head Girl

My name is Alex Ocansey. For A levels I am currently studying history, English literature and sociology. My favourite subject is English because I have always loved reading and creative writing. My aim as one of the Head Girls at Chobham Academy is to provide an environment where student can respectfully express their opinions without fear of judgement.


Daniel Minganu

Deputy Head Boy

I'm Daniel-Richy. I am completing three A levels in history, psychology and English literature. Whilst being a part of the Youth Leadership Team, I would like to understand how to better represent those around me and create an environment where people feel comfortable sharing ideas with me. 

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