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Welcome to the new edition of the Chobham magazine.  We hope you have been enjoying the rich and diverse content our whole community has developed so far and that we are achieving our aim of….


Entertain, Educate, Think!


This edition has been created, written, produced and edited by the Academy Youth Leadership Team.  It is therefore a true representation of the wide range of cultural backgrounds and perspectives that makeup our community.  Here at Harris Academy Chobham we are building a culture of really listening to our student body, ensuring that they have been heard and that their views are effectively represented.  Creating ‘space’ for our young people to discuss, debate and hold meaningful dialogue is the premise of the Youth Leadership Team.  We host regular dialogue between leaders and students which has so far fed directly back into our Values Day programme, the PSHE curriculum and student wellbeing at the Academy.  Our younger leaders in KS3 have created an anti-racist charter and are now developing a programme of professional development for our staff to ensure that we are committed to its aims. 


As the magazine is wholly online we are able to edit it as we receive new contributions from our students and ideas from our readers.  Please do sign up to receive notifications of new content.  We hope you enjoy our new edition.




Meet the YLT
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